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At HSBC we also know that each company has unique circumstances.

HSBC Pioneer

At HSBC we also know that each company has unique circumstances. We also understand the company’s aspiration to grow, to take their business to the next level. HSBC Pioneer is our way of reaffirming our recognition of your potential and reasserting our continuous commitment to help you grow further.

What is Pioneer?

HSBC Pioneer is our exclusive programme of next-level banking and services which recognises your drive and commitment, providing you with solutions to meet the needs of your business tomorrow, today. You can enjoy a higher level of service, offering more flexibility, more support and more expertise to take you to the next level.

Why Pioneer?

When you have big ambitions for your business, you need the resources to support them. Everything from funding, to tools and service levels need to be geared up for your vision of tomorrow. Pioneer is designed to help you accelerate your growing business to another level. The basic principle? We up-tier your service level – from the level you are receiving today – to the level you need to spur business growth.

How we take your business to another level

With next-level banking, your business may achieve a higher level of growth. Pioneer is about future-focused funding, foreign exchange trading and cash management, all designed to build business connections and give you access to the right solutions and support. Here’s what you get to enjoy with HSBC Pioneer:

  • Access to HSBC’s full range of financial solutions*
  • Alternate sources of funding which include government-assisted schemes
  • Business support team comprising an experienced Relationship Manager and a team of financial experts
  • Dedicated access to HSBC’s FX Dealers and Trade Specialists
  • HSBCnet, state-of-the-art digital channel
  • HSBC Evolve, customisable and flexible FX platform
  • Annual fee waiver on HSBC World Corporate Mastercard*

Knowledge & Connections

Aren’t the most connected businesses often the most successful? Through our extensive client base and network of financial experts, we will help you build your connections. Here are things that you can count on:

  • Access to Monthly Global Markets briefs – up-to-date markets information to help identify foreign exchange risks your business faces.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive HSBC events, helping you to stay abreast of the latest trends and insights from the business community.

International Support

In today’s competitive environment, we recognise that expanding overseas can be one of the key strategies to improve company performance. Not just through revenue opportunities, but through developing new mindsets and skills. Pioneer opens up a whole new world for your business.

Naturally, there may be challenges and risks, but these are not without rewards. With Pioneer, our global resources are at your disposal, supporting you through ventures with new relationships, trading partners and markets.

  • Leverage on HSBC’s global network in 54 countries, covering 90 per cent of global trade flows, providing you with end-to-end support and guidance.
  • Access to broader information and expertise through our proprietary Country Guides^.

Recognising the leaders

Being successful isn’t just about the numbers. Nurturing leadership and energy is vital. It’s a big part of what got you here in the first place. During the programme, Pioneer will also provide you with the following support:

  • Eligible personnel* who will be able to access HSBC Premier privileges built around exclusive banking, investment and wealth management needs to help you grow, manage and preserve personal wealth for generations to come.

It’s time to go above and beyond the expectations you have for your business. Here’s looking forward to where we go together next.



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