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Sustainability for business in Malaysia

Malaysia is a growing economy in Southeast Asia that has become an increasingly important hub for finance and investment. As Malaysia continues to attract foreign investors, it is also becoming more aware of its sustainability goals and the need to transition towards greener practices.

We understand our customers have evolving needs to unlock transition and sustainability-linked growth opportunities with the help of our resources, tools, relationships, and solutions. We're focused on supporting businesses across the ecosystem and helping to deliver a net zero global economy, leveraging our global scale, deep expertise and strong presence in emerging markets.

Our Experience in Sustainable Finance

HSBC Amanah issues first-ever bespoke green trade financing facility to support Guan Chong’s sustainable ambition to achieve 100% traceable and sustainable coca by 2030 from its direct cocoa bean sourcing network.

Discover how Green Islamic financing from HSBC Amanah is helping Malaysian property developer EXSIM to build more sustainable homes.

Our sustainability solutions and tools

HSBC’s sustainable finance and investment offering could help your business meet its ESG goals. Find out more below.

Transition Pathways

Designed for companies in carbon-intensive industries, HSBC's Transition Pathways connects you with insight, expertise and solutions to help guide your business towards net zero. Explore our first instalments on Energy and Transport & Logistics.

Our climate strategy

We’re playing a leading role in the transition to a net zero global economy. The biggest impact we can make is by working with our customers to support their transition to lower carbon emissions.
This CEO’s Guide serves to provide an easy reference to business leaders who are keen to start transitioning their companies towards a net zero carbon future, and developed with insights gleaned from discussions held with the CEOs and directors of various Malaysian companies, during a series of ‘CEO Climate Roundtables’.

We want to support clients for the long-term on this journey. We will offer an expanded portfolio of financing solutions, and use our global network to build connections and share expertise. Banks will play a critical role in supporting the transition to net zero carbon emissions, and it is right we are held to account. We will make regular and transparent disclosures to communicate our progress

Barry O’ Byrne | CEO, Global Commercial Banking
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