Sustainable financing for your business

In a fast-changing world, pivoting business strategies to become sustainable has become a business imperative for all companies. We know that with change comes challenges; but with change also comes opportunity.

As Asia’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance*, we are committed to helping you build a resilient business and thrive from going green. Your business can benefit from our ecosystem of resources, sustainability-linked solutions and ESG sustainability tools to navigate the transition to Net Zero.

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HSBC's Sustainability Solutions & Tools

Our suite of customisable solutions work in concert with our dedicated knowledge to help fulfil your business’ ESG goals. Switching to sustainable strategies can require financing and industry expertise. Here’s how HSBC can ease and optimise your journey:

Helping you understand the opportunity

Adopting sustainable solutions is an opportunity for you to build greater business resilience in the long run, and potentially capture new economic opportunities. We help you understand how your ambitions can be put into action by supporting your business’ financial needs and unlock its full potential for growth.

Helping you act on your sustainability journey

Transitioning your business towards sustainability is a step in the right direction to building your business’ resilience, and the transition phase can be a challenge because each business has a unique set of circumstances. Having a partner with industry expertise and in-market connections can ease this process, and we are here to support you on this journey.

Helping you optimise your supply chains

Solid supply chains are fundamental to a resilient business. With HSBC, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to assess, prioritise and simplify in order to implement sustainable practices throughout your supply chain even though they can be complicated to navigate and restructure. All while easing the flow of your business-as-usual process while you transition to a low-carbon enterprise.

Guide to transitioning to Net Zero Carbon

Graphic depicting a green city with sustainable financing and net zero carbon

Malaysian Businesses for Positive Climate Actions

This CEO’s Guide serves to provide an easy reference to business leaders who are keen to start transitioning their companies towards a net zero carbon future, and developed with insights gleaned from discussions held with the CEOs and directors of various Malaysian companies, during a series of ‘CEO Climate Roundtables’.

In this guide you’ll find the following topics:

  • First steps to developing your business’ Climate Action agenda and strategy.
  • The five key areas of your business to embed climate action.
  • Challenges that can arise when preparing for Climate Action Initiatives.
  • Seven steps to accelerate your climate action ambition.

Our Experience in Sustainable Finance

Guan Chong Cocoa

HSBC Amanah issues first-ever bespoke green trade financing facility to support Guan Chong’s sustainable ambition to achieve 100% traceable and sustainable coca by 2030 from its direct cocoa bean sourcing network.

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Jayyid Land

HSBC Malaysia supports affordable housing through its first Social Loan Principles based financing in South East Asia for the real estate sector

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Kerjaya Prospek

HSBC Malaysia completes its first green loan for a green building and property developer.

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Solar panels used to generate renewable green energy

Leader Energy

HSBC Amanah arranges first ASEAN Green Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Sukuk for Leader Energy.

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Kellington Group

HSBC Malaysia seals sustainable financing deal with Kelington Group in its maiden venture into liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) manufacturing.

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A Strong Global Network

“We want to support clients for the long-term on this journey. We will offer an expanded portfolio of financing solutions, and use our global network to build connections and share expertise. Banks will play a critical role in supporting the transition to net zero carbon emissions, and it is right we are held to account. We will make regular and transparent disclosures to communicate our progress”

Barry O’Byrne - CEO, Global Commercial Banking

Net Zero Carbon: Our Commitment

Our commitment to cutting the carbon footprint of our own operations and supply chain by 2030 has moved us to lead the initiative in empowering our clients to adopt sustainability strategies. We aim to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions in our entire portfolio by 2050 or sooner.

In line with this, our ambition is to provide between USD750 billion and USD1 trillion worth of sustainable finance and investment by 2030 to support our customers to progressively decarbonise their business and operations.

Climate Finance Leadership

As a founding member of this global Initiative, we’re on a mission to lower our total carbon emissions and embrace sustainable finance.

Net Zero Banking Alliance

A coalition committed to accelerating the worldwide transition to net zero carbon, of which HSBC is a founding member.

Sustainable Banking: Our Key Milestones

How HSBC is bringing awareness to the critical nature of mitigating climate change

  • 2012

    Launched a 10-goal Reduce Program to reduce carbon emissions and our overall footprint
  • 2017

    The first non-governmental institution to offer a bond (worth USD1 billion) to support businesses in their goals of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • 2018

    HSBC Amanah Malaysia forwarded a shariah-compliant Sukuk bond that also aligns with the UN’s SDG
  • 2020

    We achieved our goals of lowering our carbon emissions, paper, energy and water usage in our operations, buildings and data centres
  • 2021

    We achieved an ESG rating of AA by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI)
  • 2022

    Globally, we continue to uphold sustainable banking by reducing our transport footprint (including air travel by 50%) and encouraging suppliers to participate
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