Smarter Banking: How to Get Started Easily

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Starting a journey together can be simple. With our simple-to-use and secure platform, we can support you throughout the on boarding journey

Get on boarded digitally

With the introduction of e-Sign, opening an account with us can be much more convenient, without having to visit our branch. To ensure a smoother process, our team will assist you in every step of the account opening process.

Secure authentication

HSBC brings an easy and all-rounded mobile banking experience to you. Experience next-level security with:

  • Our new soft token with mobile authentication that helps protect and manage your HSBCnet account securely.

  • Face ID or Touch ID feature so you can authenticate your identity and access your HSBCnet Mobile App.

Set up authorisation structure

Complete your HSBCnet account setup with the right user access. With both security and flexibility in mind, HSBCnet allows you to manage your accounts and entitlements so there are proper signing authorities and limits in place.


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Start your digital journey

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Simplify Your Everyday

With all your banking done in a one platform, you can simplify your everyday and focus on what matters. Experience true convenience from approving payments on-the-go to having real-time visibility of your finances, all in one place.

Unlock Your Growth Potential

As your business expands, we can cater to your growth needs with our digital solutions. We bring you innovative and award-winning digital solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve. So for businesses looking for a partner to drive their business further, we can always help.

Client Stories

The world has changed how business is done. At HSBC, we understand that and have been helping businesses in their digital transformation journey so they can improve productivity and unlock new ways to grow.

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Need help?

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