HSBC RF Express (Receivables Finance Express)

Leverage on your receivables for additional working capital as your sales increases.
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Are you looking for solutions to unlock your company’s cash trapped in your Accounts Receivable with easy documentation whilst saving interest when you only pay for what you use?

What is RF Express?

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HSBC RF Express is an innovative financing solution that releases cash from your entire Receivables (open account sales).

This flexible working capital loan is designed for interest to be chargeable based on the outstanding loan, which is self-liquidated from your sales collections.

Key word is SIMPLICITY! This financing is ideal for businesses having a large number of clientele base with high volume of invoices.

WHY RF Express?


  • A strong financial track record
  • A HSBC collection account, where remittances will be made

How to apply?

Get business financing in 3 easy steps:

  1. Present your latest accounts receivable aging report
  2. Go through an initial assessment, including a simple validation of your buyers
  3. Open a collection account with HSBC and execute facility documentation
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