Digital Service Requests (DSR)

Update your company details online

Introducing Digital Service Requests (DSR) on HSBCnet

We’ve made it easier for you to update your company details, online.

Digital Service Requests (DSR) is a feature on HSBCnet that enables customers to self-serve common service requests online.

With DSR, you can create, authorise and submit requests remotely and securely, at any time that suits you.

Why DSR?

  • Easy to use & Paperless - No need to submit a physical letter of instruction or customer information update form – everything is done online.
  • Fast - Quicker time to complete your request.
  • Secure - Requests are submitted through a secure authenticated platform.

DSR Request Types

Currently, the following requests can be made through DSR:

  1. Change of correspondence address
  2. Change of company contact details

We’re actively working on adding other common service requests into DSR.

Ready to update your details? Here’s how to do it

To submit a DSR request to change your primary contact details, simply log on to HSBCnet and follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Self-service and support’ from the Menu drop down list
  2. Under ‘Company Details’, select the change request you’d like to make
  3. Complete the required fields & submit request

Your request will then need to be authorised by another user before it is submitted to the bank. Once received, we will acknowledge the request via HSBCnet.

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