Global Supply Chains

Global Supply Chains – Networks of Tomorrow

For the last three years HSBC has examined how business decision-makers are reshaping their supply chain and working capital strategies in response to factors from global economic changes to sustainability to digitalisation.

In researching for the ‘Global Supply Chains – Networks of Tomorrow’ report, HSBC teamed up with East and Partners to understand global supply chains and the future of supply chain financing and sustainability.

HSBC has based this report on primary research conducted by East and Partners between August and October 2022, directly interviewing senior management from 787 corporations across 14 markets1 in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Here we look at the local, regional and global responses in context, discovering viewpoints on future supply chains, the needs of companies and their treasuries today, and how the right banking solutions can help.

As a top-25 trading nation and a key part of the global supply chain, it is imperative that Malaysian companies continuously evaluate their supply chain solutions so that they are prepared for any adverse changes in global economic conditions.

Jana Lim | Head of Global Trade Solutions, HSBC Malaysia

Shifting supply chain strategies

The factors influencing supply chains in the last year

Inventory management


raise their excess inventory

Supplier relationships


are planning to reduce their supply chain partners

Risk management


view currency risk as the key supply chain management cost concern
How external factors are impacting risk and financing across supply chains

Trade finance


prefer traditional trade finance as their funding programmes

Digital payments


pay their suppliers via electronic bank transfer

FX solutions


Will use forwards to hedge FX risk in the next 12-24 months

Ensuring supply chain resilience

How corporates are laying the foundations for future supply chains



are looking for bank support to better visualise transactions across their supply chains



viewed energy efficiency as top priority for sustainable supply chain investment

Sustainable policy implementation


have implemented environmental policies across their supply chains

Global market report

Discover the latest supply chains trends and how corporates are shifting their strategies.
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