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We believe in your vision just as much as you do. That’s why our Pioneer Programme and other initiatives beyond banking are here to expand your business’ success. These programmes give you access to next-level banking services and solutions, as well as the resources you need to realise the full potential of your business.

Introducing the HSBC Pioneer Programme

We’re here to take your business to a whole new level of growth. Accelerate your business growth with Pioneer Programme, designed to help fast growing businesses.

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Access Business Funding

Fast-growing businesses require smart cash management. Through the HSBC Pioneer programme, you get access to HSBC’s full range of financing solutions, alternate sources of funding where appropriate and government-assisted schemes. More importantly, you also get access to our knowledge and expertise through our team of specialists who will guide you through options and processes available to your business.

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Building Business Connections

Connections are essential to a business with high growth ambitions. Through our extensive client base, range of specialists and on the ground expertise, we’ll help you build a network that will help take your business even further. Through the Pioneer programme, you enjoy personalized service with an experienced Relationship Manager, as well as dedicated access to HSBC’s Cash Management and Trade specialists.

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Access International Support

The Pioneer programme opens up opportunities beyond Malaysia to your business with our global resources at your disposal. Leverage HSBC’s international network of 54 countries covering 90% of global trade flows, and access broader information and expertise through our proprietary Country Guides.

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Recognising the Leaders

As a business leader, you can depend on us to provide that additional wealth management support so that you can focus on growing your business. Eligible Pioneer programme partners will enjoy access to a holistic range of services to meet your financial needs – from every day personal banking to wealth management expertise, elevated products and services, and bespoke experiences tailored around your individual finances, lifestyle and passions.

Going Beyond Banking

At HSBC, our mission to provide the best solutions for our customers doesn't stop at what we offer. We go beyond banking to fuel our customers' growth and help them succeed.

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Cloud Financial Management Solutions

We believe that a good financial management system sets a strong foundation for every business. Our collaboration with High Pines provides our customers with a suite of services that gives their businesses the convenience and efficiency needed for growth. This application extends from real-time financial dashboards to reporting and analytics for your business financials.*

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Cloud Payroll Solutions

In our pursuit to help our customers improve internal operations, our collaboration with High Pines includes packages for cloud-based payroll solution that provides e-payslips and automation as well as integration with other modules which have the capability to track claims, leave and overtime.*

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Digital Business Solutions

From helping you improve business productivity to getting started with cashless payments, our innovative digital solutions can help you find new ways to grow.

SME Financing

At HSBC, we believe in your vision just as much as you do. Through our lending solutions, we aim to give you access to the funding you need to help you take your business to an even greater level of success.

Dedicated Business Banking Support

HSBC is more than just delivering world-class services to growing businesses. It's also about building long-term relationships with a focus on providing advisory support on your journey to greater success.

Client Stories

Bringing to you a world of expertise, we have over 150 years of experience in helping businesses in Malaysia to grow and thrive. Find out how we supported our customers in their growth journey

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