HSBC Forum: RMB and China’s Global Future

The Forum held in Kuala Lumpur discussed a wide range of topics which focused on RMB and China's Global Future.

Event Overview

China has led growth in the global economy over recent years. As this continues China’s imports will rise and its consumer market will become increasingly attractive. Companies competing for a share of this growth will seek to use the RMB to settle trade, make investments and fund their business.

The rise of the RMB will continue apace. By 2015 one third of China’s international trade will be denominated in RMB, according to an HSBC survey of Chinese businesses. In volume terms we expect the RMB to become a top three global trade currency by 2015. And by 2017 we expect it to be fully convertible, taking China’s financial integration with global markets to a new level.

The HSBC Forum: RMB and China’s Global Future, focusing on topics related to RMB, FX and China global market to provide a more in-depth insights for our clients on these topics.


Panel discussion: China's rise and its implication for Malaysia

Moderator: Mukhtar Hussain, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia, HSBC


  • Tan Sri Andrew Sheng, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Global Institute, Former Chairman, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
  • Helen Wong, Chief Executive, Greater China, HSBC
  • Tan Sri Dr Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, Secretary General, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia
  • Wu Zheng Ping, Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Malaysia

Panel discussion: Towards a truly global currency

Moderator: Alvin Kong, Managing Director, Head of Markets, Malaysia, HSBC


  • David Liao, President and Chief Executive Officer, China, HSBC
  • Madam E Zhihuan, Deputy General Manager of Economics and Strategic Planning Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong)
  • Paul Mackel, Managing Director, Head of Global Emerging Markets FX Research, Global Research, HSBC
  • Wong Kee Joo, Regional Head of Global Payments and Cash Management, Asia-Pacific, HSBC

Panel discussion: Trade routes of the past, trading currency of the future

Moderator: Julian Ng, Producer and Presenter, BFM


  • Chin Yoong Foo, Vice President, Group Operations Finance, PureCircle Group, Malaysia
  • Justin Chan, Managing Director and Co-Head of Markets, Asia-Pacific, HSBC
  • Liew Choon Kong, Director, Kong Wooi Fong Group of Companies and Vice President, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia
  • Stuart Tait, Global Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC

Panel discussion: Too big to ignore: China’s investors and capital markets

Moderator: Khoo Hsu Chuang, Producer and Presenter, BFM


  • Cian Burke, Global Head of Securities Services, HSBC
  • Ivy Zhang, Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income Trading, China, HSBC
  • Jonathan Reoch, Director, Product Strategist for Asian Equities, BlackRock
  • Teoh Kok Lin, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Singular Asset Management

Keynote topic: One Belt, One Road

Speaker: Qu Hongbin, Managing Director, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research and Chief Economist, Greater China, HSBC

Event Highlights

General enquiries

General enquiries

Groundbreaking HSBC blockchain transaction set to revolutionise trade

Increasing efficiency, security and transparency for businesses doing trade finance transactions

Global economic outlook 2018

With the US, Europe and emerging Asia all growing at the same time, the outlook for the global economy positive in 2018.

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